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HOW DOES A SEARCH ENGINE WORK IN A NUTSHELL? Generalist search engines at a very high level of abstraction operate similarly. Everything revolves around the index. The index is the data structure that the search engine consults to satisfy user searches. A search engine's index is analogous to a book index: they are reverse references indicating where certain terms are covered or where certain words appear. The process of building the index is called indexing.

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WHAT PROCESSES DOES A SEARCH ENGINE PERFORM? The fundamental processes of a search engine are two: solving searches themselves (search) and building/updating the index (indexing). For a web page to be offered as a result in a search engine, it must have been previously indexed. Therefore, for the construction/updating of the index, search engines must traverse (crawl) the Web in search of new pages.

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HOW IS A SEARCH RESOLVED IN A SEARCH ENGINE? The search engine receives from the user the words entered in the search box: those that describe their information need. From there, it performs a series of queries in the index to identify the pages where those words are present. Remember that the index has been specially built so that locating pages based on words is extraordinarily fast. As it discovers the pages in question, it reads the relevance criteria inserted in the indexing phase and orders the pages according to that relevance. Finally, it composes the response page to the user in which the results are ordered from highest to lowest relevance. SEO Los AngelesWeb Positioning in Los Angeles River, Web Positioning in Montebello Los Angeles, Web Positioning in Boyle Heights Los Angeles, Web Positioning in Mariachi Plaza Los Angeles, Web Positioning in East Los Angeles, Web Positioning in Los Angeles River, SEO Montebello Los Angeles, SEO Boyle Heights Los Angeles, SEO Mariachi Plaza Los Angeles, SEO East L.A.

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